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Aus-Brite Solar is an Australia-based solar company catering to renewable power and energy efficiency solutions. With years of experience, Aus-Brite has established itself as a leading provider of grid-tied solar power systems nationwide.

Solar energy is set to become the dominant source of power in the future of Australia. Taking this thing into consideration, we at Aus-Brite Solar are providing the best crafted solar solutions that shape the present to deliver the future world of intelligent energy.

All our solar panel installations are compliant with Australian Standards, and we only utilize the most reliable brands of products, including panels, inverters, systems paired with our high-quality service.

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Our reputation lies on installing top-quality products configured for the best results.

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverters
  • Hybrid Inverters
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Installation Process Steps

From designing the layout & Installation to connecting your meter to the grid. We are here for you at every step.

Lodging Enquiry

Lodge your solar system enquiry with us, and our team of solar experts will evaluate your house roof potential using our advanced aerial imagery technology and electricity consumption pattern to make a customized quote. We are firmly committed to delivering the best service at the right price with our exceptional solar plans.

System Design & Quotation

We will send you a customized quote for your house. The system suggested by us will consider not only your current consumption but also the likely increase consumption over the next few years. We ensure that your roof area is put to optimum use.

Order Finalization

Our solar experts provide you with multiple yet best solar panel & inverter options to choose from. The team is more than happy to help you with your queries and doubts about solar. You can also choose from multiple payment options to suit your cash flow. We are sure that you will proceed with your solar system order finalization with us with our best solar panel deals.


Our back office will do the needful to obtain necessary connection permissions with your retailer/ grid company. Once it is in place, we will assign one of our CEC Accredited Installers to accomplish your installation. Our in-house solar installation team will ensure that supreme quality is maintained in all aspects of the installation of the best solar panels.


After completing the project, we hand over a CCEW (Compliance and Completion of Electrical Work) and other relevant documents to you. Our back-office team will help you with Smart Meter Application to your retailer and register your warranties with the relevant inverter & solar panel manufacturer.

Start Saving

Once the smart meter is in place, you can start using the solar system & saving on your electricity bills. Our solar expert team will guide you about extracting maximum benefits from your system month after month. Live peacefully and save electricity, save money with our best solar panel deals.

Why Choose Aus-brite Solar for best solar deals

Choosing Ausbrite Solar as your solar partner is an assurance of high-end quality, reliability, and commitment of a lifetime. With the aim of shaping Australia’s present to deliver a future of renewable and clean energy, we provide best solar deals Sydney , QLD , NSW , Adelaide and brisbane and that last for decades. Our edge-cutting solar installation process integrates safety and efficiency, which results in longevity and reliability. We foster the mission of transforming Australia into a solar-inclined nation for having an enhanced livelihood both environmentally and socially.

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We choose the most reliable solar brands for our customers

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Unveiling the Benefits of Embracing Solar Power in NSW

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