Avoid these 7 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes

Avoid these 7 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes
June 28, 2022

Solar power is a thriving industry and all thanks to the average 25 years lifespan of solar panels. Your decision to Solar Panel Installation can translate into considerable savings. However, in the quest to find perfect solar solutions, you need to avoid certain hassles. These hassles may include: complex installation process, roof structuring, and maintenance problems.

It is natural to worry about the potential problems before installing the solar panels. Therefore, prior homework is essential to know what mistakes to avoid while installing these. If you are reading this, then you must be thinking about investing in solar panels. But there are certain panel installation mistakes that you need to avoid to get the most out of your investment.

Read through to avoid these solar panel installation mistakes.

1. Delaying the Decision on Installing Solar Panel

Switching to solar energy is a decision that requires proper planning and investment. The longer you put off this decision, the more delayed will be its benefits.

Moreover, solar ownership invites  . Delaying your installation decision will also delay these tax rebates. Installing solar panels right now allows you to take advantage of current financial incentives.

2. Overlooking the Multiple Quotes Option

You should always get multiple quotes before switching to solar energy. As getting multiple quotes for your solar project is a wise decision. These multiple quotes assist you in getting the most suited solar project. It is advisable to get two to three quotes.

Moreover, getting multiple quotes is like comparing apples to apples. The quotes must include:

Different panels and inverter brands Reviews of each company Clarification on the system design Different prices of each panel

Therefore, getting multiple quotes is good to enjoy your solar panel system’s benefits in the long run.

3. Ignoring the Structural Makeup of Your Roof

One important thing you need to consider while installing solar panels is the type of roof you have. The study of your roof’s structural makeup becomes essential as most solar panels are installed on the roof.

Solar installation can add an additional weight of around 25kg per square meter to your roof. Therefore, studying your roof’s structural makeup beforehand is a wise decision. If your roof has swamp coolers, chimneys, or air vents, it will be impractical to place the solar accessories near the main unit.

You must also consider the roof type before installing a solar panel. For instance, a fiber roof is more brittle. If you have such a roof, you need to go for racking to avoid cracks.

4. Wrong Designing of the Solar Panels

Most people get a solar system designed  while considering their electricity bill or power usage. This approach may make them neglect several critical factors, including inverter’s voltage settings, panel orientation, or actual output of the setup.

Therefore, it is vital to consider these variables to get the long-term benefits of your solar system.

5. Going for Leasing

Leasing may look like a viable choice at first, but it can get costly over the long run. If you lease your solar system, it doesn’t make you eligible for tax credits and incentives associated with Solar Panel Installation.

Moreover, a premium rate is also charged on the lease, including other charges. So don’t ever make the mistake of leasing the solar system.

6. Placing the System Away from the Sun

You must look for the most suitable place to keep your solar panels. The right place to keep your solar panel is the place where there is ample sunlight. Avoid placing your solar panels at a  place that makes shadows and other similar obstructions.

Are you not sure of your solar system getting enough sunlight? However, you can find the answer to this question by looking for a place with the best positioning of the sun. Mount the solar array on the “disc’” or “hub” that can be turned or locked into various positions during daytime. This is the ideal way to track the sun.

7. Unclarified Warranties

You must understand that all solar panels come with warranties. Most of the panels come with the linear performance warranty [ ranges from 25 to 30 years] and the product warranty of [ 12 to 25 years]. However, the inverters have a limited warranty of five to ten years.

It is your duty to ask your installer about all these warranties so that you can take a learned decision.

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