How to Buy the Best Solar Panels for Your Home?

How to Buy the Best Solar Panels for Your Home?
July 26, 2022

Did you know?

Solar accounted for 5.2% of Australia’s total electrical energy production in 2018. 

The popularity of solar energy in generating power has gradually increased over years. Solar panels are the basic units for generating electricity. These solar panels are a cost-effective way to generate electricity.

There is a sudden surge in the demand of solar panels among homeowners because of rising electricity costs. However, finding the best solar panel for homes can be a complex task. You need to know certain things before installing a solar system on your roof.

What is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels or PV panels convert light from the Sun which is composed of energy particles called “photons”. These panels are useful for the production of electricity for residential and commercial purposes. You can also use them for a wide variety of applications like remote sensing, and telecommunication equipment.

List of the Best Solar Panels in Australia to Buy

BrandCriterion 1: WarrantyCriterion 2: EfficiencyCriterion 3: Bloomberg Tier 1Criterion 4: Degradation Rate
Sunpower Maxeon 5Product 25 years
Performance 25 years
Up to 22.5%YesGuaranteed 92% after 25 years
REC Alpha Pure SeriesProduct 25 years
Performance 25 years
Up to 22.2%YesGuaranteed 92% after 25 years
Jinko Tiger N TypeProduct 25 years
Performance 30 years
Up to 21.22%YesGuaranteed 87.4% after 30 years
Hyundai VG SeriesProduct 25 years
Performance 25 years
Up to 20.9%YesGuaranteed 84.8% after 25 years
Solarwatt Vision PureProduct 30 years
Performance 30 years
Up to 20.2%NoGuaranteed 87% after 30 years
Q-Cells Q.Peak DUO G9+Product 25 years
Performance 25 years
Up to 20.8%YesGuaranteed 86% after 25 years
Canadian Solar HiKu-CS3LProduct 25 years
Performance 25 years
Up to 21.1%YesGuaranteed 84.8% after 25 years
Longi Hi-MO4Product 12 years max
Performance 25 years
Up to 20.34%NoGuaranteed 85.28% after 25 years
Winaico GeminiProduct 25 years (with registration)
Performance 25 years
Up to 20.34%NoGuaranteed 85.28% after 25 years
Phono Twin PlusProduct 15 years
Performance 25 years
Up to 20.17%YesGuaranteed 84.8% after 25 years.

What Size of Solar Panel Do I Need?

Before buying solar panels in Australia for a home, you must consider its size. You must know how much electricity you use and when you use it. A typical home uses 20Kwh of energy in a day, but a 5kW solar system can also fulfil most daytime power needs.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need at Home?

You must know the exact number of solar panels you need at home. For that, you need to consider certain factors.

  • The power output is more important than the size of the number of panels you require.
  • High nominal rating of a solar panel is good as they will generate more output with less panels.  
  • You must consider the space of your roof. If you have plenty of space, you can buy cheaper panels. These panels are more economical with lower efficiency.
  • The panels may vary in length, width and power output. So, you must also consider this factor.

Types of Solar Panels

When you buy solar panels in Australia you must know their type. So that you can choose the panel that best fits your needs.

Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline

The cells of these two panels are made of silicon wafers. These panels are assembled into rows and columns to form a rectangle and are framed together.

Thin-film Solar Panels

Thin-film solar panels use a variety of materials. It uses a glass layer on the top for better protection. They use silicon but are not made of silicon wafers. Owners with a lot of space can use these panels. 

Bifacial Solar Panel

These panels can capture sunlight from both front and back. These have transparent back sheets to reflect sunlight on the ground surface. Moreover, the sunlight gets reflected on the backside of the panel.

Are Solar Panels Efficient?

Solar panels are very efficient as they don’t need direct sunlight to work. They can produce a considerable amount of electricity on cloudy days and during winters.

Certain factors can affect the efficiency of your solar panels. These solar panels are more efficient during the summer months, but they are also good to work in winter. Their power is measured in kilowatt-hours [kwh].

Factors Affecting Efficiency of Solar Panels

While buying solar panels for home, you must consider their efficiency. Moreover, there are a number of factors that can affect the efficiency of solar panels.

  • Location, Angle and Direction

Assessing a roof’s suitability to hold a solar panel is essential. Angles of the roof determine how much sunlight exposure your panel will get. 

  • Roof Suitability

The roof should be strong enough to support the weight of a solar panel. Slate and wooden roofs can be brittle. You must consider if the roof is large enough to have a solar panel. You need at least 30 cm of space around a solar panel.

  • Size of Solar Panel System

The bigger the solar panel system the bigger the capacity to generate more electricity. Solar cells have varied shapes and sizes. You can have an estimate of the solar panel’s size with your electricity needs.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining a solar panel nicely can enhance its lifespan. You must get your panels checked regularly by the installer or service provider.  You should clean solar panels regularly and avoid sponging them or touching them.

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