The Best Solar Panel Plans with Inverter

The Best Solar Panel Plans with Inverter
July 04, 2023

Thinking of harnessing Solar Power ?? This cheat sheet is for you!!

It can be a daunting process to install solar panels in homes and businesses since a lot of time and research has to be put into it. Additionally, the market is currently flooded with solar panel installers, causing it to be even more challenging to decide – where to begin?

But, which solar system can work best for you?

There is no exact science behind it. Different people have different definitions of “best.” Best might mean efficiency or life span of the product to someone, while for you it might be cost-efficiency.

Solar Panels: How to Pick the Right One

To kick things off, before we reveal our handpicked recommendations for the best solar panel plans, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know before settling on a solar panel plan that works best for you so that you don’t feel like tumbling down a rabbit hole.

Power Cost Per Watt

Budget is the primary determining factor during the decision-making process for most people. It is possible to find panels of varying sizes. A full-sized panel is usually between 275 and 400 watts. 

Having a cost-per-watt equalizer is the best equalizer. 

Divide the panel price by how many watts it outputs. 

The “true” pricing number will let you compare all panels on an equal footing.


Both performance and workmanship warranties are available.

With the performance warranty, you are guaranteed that your panels will perform at or above their rated efficiency.

 It’s typical for solar panel manufacturers to promise an efficiency of over 80% after 25 years. In the industry, 25 years of performance warranties are the norm, but some manufacturers offer longer warranties.

Furthermore, there are workmanship warranties to consider. 

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and physical defects in your panels.

In contrast to the performance warranty, the workmanship warranty is shorter. If a manufacturer offers a generous workmanship warranty, their product is likely to be of high quality.

Industry standards are 10 years for workmanship warranties, with some organizations offering 20 years.

Panels’ Performance Evaluations

Energy conversion efficiency refers to how much sunlight a solar panel can convert into usable energy. 

It is acceptable for major panel manufacturers to produce panels with efficiency as high as 14-22%.

Solar panel output (in watts) is directly correlated to this value.

Temperature Coefficient

Optimal conditions are required for testing the best solar panels. A factory with a climate-controlled environment is used to measure the output of panels.

The temperature coefficient determines how much of an impact temperature has on true panel output. Coefficient indicates how much efficiency is lost with each degree of deviation from ideal conditions.

Let’s use Celsius as an example, since that’s what most manufacturers measure: energy loss per one degree of change in temperature.

Let’s say a panel was tested at 55° C, but its current temperature is 65° C. If the temperature coefficient is 0.5% Wp (Watt power), you can multiply that by the difference in temperature (10° C). That panel is operating 5% below its rated efficiency on that particular day.

In addition, voltage, amperage, and wattage each have their own temperature coefficients. Several types of solar panels, such as monocrystalline panels, perform better when exposed to higher temperatures.

Company’s Position on the Market

Whether or not to choose a panel manufacturer depends on its longevity and reputation. When a company goes out of business before they can honor a warranty, what good is the guarantee?

You should thus consider solar companies in the industry with a proven track record. This list only contains products made by major manufacturers that we don’t anticipate disappearing anytime soon.

Solar Inverter: Component# 2

Inverters are the second primary component of a solar power system installation and may either be string inverters or hybrid inverters entitled power optimizers. 

Using an inverter, solar panels convert steady DC electricity they generate into oscillating 230 volts AC electricity that powers everything inside your home. It is always better to opt for a mid-range or high-end inverter even if you are on a tight budget, as they will last longer.

Without further ado, here are the best solar panels plans you can buy in 2023 for a variety of applications.

In 2023, What are the Best Solar Panel Plans Available?

In search of the best solar panel plans that won’t break the bank? Aus-Brite Solar offers the best solar plans in NSW you can get from a pure value perspective. If you want to pick up the best high-efficiency solar panel plans at a competitive price then the plans offered are the go-to choice. Our outstanding solar plans are firmly dedicated to providing excellent service at the most competitive prices.

  •  10 KW Solar System 
  • 7.7 KW Solar System
  • 6.54 KW Solar System

That concludes our recommendations! These could be the best solar panel plans to purchase, but prices and product specifications will change a great deal as technology advances.

Make sure to look for panels made by reputable manufacturers, and to calculate the cost-per-watt so you can compare products on an equal playing field.

Following these guidelines will help you find the best solar panel plans to power your system.

Choose Aus-Brite Solar, Choose the Best!

Make your quest for solar panel installers end at Aus-Brite Solar. We offer sustainable solar panel plans at affordable prices. We have a long list of happy customers and accomplished projects to our credit.

With a complete workmanship warranty for all of our rooftop PV solar system installations, we provide tailored solar solutions for residential and commercial properties in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide.

As part of combining our high-quality service and installation with the best solar panel plans, we know how to install solar panels that meet Australian standards.

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