Why should I go solar?

As you know, solar energy benefits businesses, residential places, organizations, and property owners in huge ways. Businesses all across the world are taking advantage of solar energy. Its prime benefits are reduced operating costs, a good return on investment, environmental leadership, and limited maintenance.

Do I need to clean my panels?

Aus-Brite never suggests for end customers to climb on the roof to clean their solar systems. Get a qualified and experienced tradesperson to do it for you. Aus-Brite panels will always require low maintenance.

How do I check my solar panel’s performance and kW generation?

There are some essential things like inverter inspection, solar meter reading, etc., to ensure your solar panels are functioning efficiently.

Because the power output is so variable, you can get the best idea of how your system is performing by focusing on energy instead, which is measured in kilowatt-hours.

What steps should I take to increase my system size later?

The procedure for adding extra panels later into your existing system isn’t going to be the same as when you were originally buying a solar system. You have to focus on a few key factors like energy demands, space for new panels, compatibility, inverter replacement, etc.

How do I know if my inverter is suffering from high voltage issues?

When your solar panel is generating more power than your residential place is using, it sends the excess back to the grid. In this case, the solar inverter’s voltage has to generate a voltage that is a couple of volts greater than the grid voltage.

In the ideal situation, the high voltage is not a problem. The issue arises when the client’s cables between the inverter and the grid are too small for their solar panel size.

Does Aus Brite provide a warranty on the solar systems?

At Aus Brite, the warranty is offered depending on the product that our customers purchase. However, we provide 10 years of workmanship on every product.

How do I evaluate solar quotes?

If you have a few solar quotes from various installers, then focus on some essential parameters. Make a list of available solar companies, evaluate the pros and cons, read reviews, check the solar company’s background, and compare the different equipment choices.

How does solar impact my property values?

Installing solar systems in a residential place not only helps to decrease current monthly utility bills; it can exceptionally enhance the home’s value by up to 4.1% more than comparable houses with no solar systems.

How much will solar actually save me on my bills?

Switching to solar panel energy cuts down your spending on electricity bills by 80% to 85%. Not only is solar energy a pocket-friendly choice for a lifetime, but also it is highly beneficial for the environment. Therefore, solar energy paves the way for a green and clean future.

Are solar PV panels and inverters tested according to Australian quality standards?

Yes, any solar PV panel and inverter never reach your home without getting tested against the Australian quality standards. By this, we mean that all solar installers need to follow some protocols and regulations during installation. Once you verify the documentation and determine that the Solar panels meet all the quality standards and incorporate every protocol, only then proceed with the purchase part.

Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline, what’s the difference, and which one should I pick?

These are the two types of solar panels you will come across while shopping which has the following difference:

Monocrystalline: The word “mono” in Monocrystalline refers to the single-crystalline silicon. This means the cell just has to accommodate a single crystal which ultimately provides larger space for electrons to move, resulting in better electricity flow and higher efficiency.

Polycrystalline: As the name suggests, this type of Solar panel constitutes multiple silicon fragments. Therefore, the space for the movement of electrons is ultimately decreased, resulting in lowered efficiency than the former solar panel systems.

Talking about which type would be a smart pick, then the answer is it depends on your choice of factors. For instance, those preferring budget over efficiency can go for the polycrystalline solar panel systems. However, monocrystalline solar panels would be a better choice if efficiency is what you are looking for.

Note that there is no difference in reliability and longevity between the two kinds. They both tend to be your energy partner for more than 25 years.

What is panel efficiency, and do I need a panel with high efficiency?

Solar panel efficiency refers to the solar panel’s ability to convert sunlight into electricity. The solar panel’s efficiency depends on the factors like electrical configuration, composition, surrounding components, and more. High-quality solar panels usually showcase an efficiency of more than 22%. However, solar panels with 15%-20% efficiency are also a smart pick.

Before you proceed with the purchase phase of Solar panels, it is highly imperative to go for the ones that offer an adequate amount of efficiency. Else, you may get stranded regretting your choice.

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