The Future of Solar Energy: Everything You Need to know

The Future of Solar Energy
August 22, 2023

We rely on automation and artificial intelligence. We demand smartphones with long-lasting battery backup. We demand computers with higher computing power thereby we should demand cleaner and sustainable energy sources for empowering our homes as well.

Solar energy has come a long way in the last decade. It has become the most important source of energy for electricity production in a large part of Australia. 

Moreover, people are increasingly investing in solar energy due to its numerous economic and environmental benefits. It not only offsets your electricity cost but also reduces your carbon footprint. Therefore, the current generation is powering their homes with solar panels with the hope to reap its benefits in the future. 

It is anticipated that solar panel demand will touch the sky by the year 2030. This is projected keeping in mind the current trends of solar panels. 

The Current Trend of Solar Energy

The current spike in the energy cost has led people to find sustainable energy sources. The most popular sustainable energy sources include solar, wind, and hydropower. Of these, solar power is the fastest-growing energy source among people. 

The current trend of solar energy shows that people are in the realm of installing solar panels. A study by the Clean Energy Council shows that almost 3 million households in Australia enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar. 

Around 378,451 rooftop solar installations in 2020 were recorded which was the highest number of installations in the solar panel industry history.

The study shows the state-wise installation of solar panels in Australia.

Installation of solar panels in these Australian cities have seen an upward shift. It further shows that both homeowners and businesses are relying on solar energy as they can easily deploy it in abundance.

This current trend of solar panels shows that the future of solar energy is bright as so many people are switching towards solar energy. 

Future of Solar Energy

Recent technological marvels, including reduced cost of solar panels have paved the way for the future solar market. The increase in the number of rooftop solar installations is encouraging more and more people to install solar panels.. So that’s why solar panels can account for the maximum of a country’s energy capacity. 

A recent study by The Australian Renewable energy Industry showed that solar panels accounted for 21.7% of Australia’s total capacity in 2020 and these trends are estimated to reach 47.56% in the year 2030. 

As the cost of solar panels has definitely fallen over the years, it is estimated to fall in the future too. The time is near when solar energy gets unbeatable compared to fossil fuels, which will positively impact the environment and climate change. 

Photovoltaic and concentrated solar technologies would be more popular in the world of solar power generation. It is estimated that these technologies will dominate solar power generation till the year 2050. 

Moreover, with global climate change, the adoption of solar energy has doubled. Thus, this clean source of energy is able to generate economic and environmental benefits not for the current generation but also for your coming generations. 

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How is Solar Energy the Future of Power Generation?

Building Ideal Solar Solutions  

Building ideal solar solutions is the best way to keep up with technological innovations in the competitive market. Hence, solar panel companies are designing solar panels at par with new technology. In addition, they are offering apt solar solutions to clients.

So that the clients can build their own energy solutions using solar energy as the dependence of fossil fuels will further reduce in the future. 

Can Be Used by Anyone, Anywhere

Solar panels are considered the way of the future due to its versatility. This means that people can reap the benefits of solar energy anytime and anywhere. For example, those living in a place with no form of electricity, such as in rural communities, can also use renewable energy without any hassles. 

In other words, most people rely on the sun for energy as it is a renewable & sustainable source. Even in certain areas where solar isn’t thought to be a potential source of energy, solar panels can still provide you the electricity that you need. Moreover, solar power can also work during the winter and in colder climates.

Save More Money by Using Solar Energy

Instantly solar energy significantly contributes to saving money for people in the long run. Solar panels are a worthy investment as they provide economic and financial benefits to both current and future generations. 

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People can save more money through solar panels as it helps:

  • Lower electricity bills: A home solar converts energy from the sun to eliminate electricity bills.
  • Net metering program: It is a system that enables homeowners to sell excess solar energy to their local utility company and earn more credits. 
  • Solar rebate program: The program works like consumer purchase rebates as you get cashback when you install these solar panels.

Step Ahead Towards a Cleaner Environment

Traditional sources of energy like coal or fossil fuels can harm our environment. The burning of coal, oil, and gas are quite harmful to the environment. A portion of the total electricity production comes with excessive carbon dioxide emissions. 

Moreover, even the extraction of fossil fuels contributes to pollution and climate change, and its massive use of water supply may also cause environmental problems around the world. 

However, solar energy is a pure, renewable source of energy that helps in reducing carbon footprint and the effect of greenhouse gases. It is an emission-free source that will benefit our future generation.

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