How Solar Energy Works on Cloudy Days?

Solar Energy Works on Cloudy Days
September 14, 2023

Does my solar panel system work on cloudy days or during seasons of less-than-optimal sun exposure? These are important questions that most homeowners consider.

Solar panel systems have definitely taken the world by storm. According to the reports by Clean Energy Council [ CEC], Australians have installed more than three million rooftop solar panels till date.

Although these systems are not new, many people may still have doubts regarding the working of solar panels.

Most of us know that solar panels in Sydney work at their maximum efficiency on sunny days, but you may not know that the requirement of your solar panel systems is daylight not sunlight, they can continue to work on cloudy days.

Let’s Have a Detailed Look at How Solar Panel Systems Operate on Cloudy Days

Your Solar panel system converts sunlight to direct current [ DC] electricity. After that, this DC electricity converts into alternating current [ AC] to power your home.

This energy generation is maximum on sunny days, your home can also get enough energy during cloudy days. This energy can power your whole house.

But Do Cloudy Days Affect the Output of Your Solar Panel Systems?:

The exact amount of energy generation on cloudy days depends on factors like the density of clouds and the quality of your solar panels. On cloudy days, solar panel systems can produce electricity from both visible and infrared lights.

The rain doesn’t make the atmosphere entirely black. There can always be visible light even during heavy storms, and it will penetrate through clouds and rain.

Hence, your solar panel systems can generate needed output on cloudy days as well. As per the trusted sources, they can still operate at 80% of their maximum output

Cloud Penetration Effect

On a cloudy day, solar panels get to produce electricity because of sunlight penetration through the clouds. That’s the same way you end up getting sunburned during a cloudy day! It means through those clouds, sunlight can still penetrate, and that’s how a solar panel works.

So even though the quantity of electricity produced is not the same as during a sunny day, you will still receive 80-90% efficiency.

Cloudy days can cause only a 10-20% drop in efficiency as compared to sunny days. However, you can make up for it and cover the difference with solar battery and net metering systems. It can make your solar panel systems all-weather ready. 

During peak sunlight hours, your solar panels may generate more power than you need. You can use this surplus power to provide you with the needed electricity on cloudy days or at night. You can store the solar energy during peak sunlight hours and can use it on cloudy days.

Solar Batteries

Your solar panel systems are designed to produce more power than required during daylight hours. The surplus power generated during the day is stored in solar batteries. With batteries, you can run your system for the whole day.

Net Metering Program

The net monitoring programs can come to your rescue during rainy days. With net metering, you don’t have physical energy storage at your home. The electric grid can store the excess energy produced by your solar panel systems.

Now you know that solar panels can also power your house on cloudy days. The next question that can come to your mind is, which solar panels are best for cloudy days?

Best Solar Panels in Australia for Cloudy Days are:

Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech solar panels are known for their high performance. These panels come with a module efficiency of up to 20.3%, which can be achieved through advanced cell technology and the manufacturing process.

The panels are made with advanced glass, and cell surface textured design to ensure excellent performance in low light conditions. In addition, they can produce more output in weak lighting conditions, such as in cloudy weather or during sunsets.

REC Solar

These monocrystalline solar panel systems offer superior performance. The panels are known to give improved performance in shaded conditions. Its no light-induced degradation feature delivers maximum output even during rainy days. Moreover, it is a super strong frame that can handle up to 7000 PA snow loads.

The solar panel is made with innovative all-weather technology. It provides optimal yield in extreme weather with its excellent low-light and temperature properties.

Its high-tech aluminium frame can withstand high snow and wind loads. Additionally, the panel is easy to install and can be adjusted as per weather conditions.

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