Hybrid Inverters


The Fronius Symo Hybrid is the heart of the storage solution for 24 hours of sun – the Fronius Energy Package. With power categories from 3.0 to 5.0 kW, the three-phase inverter allows surplus energy from a photovoltaic system to be temporarily stored in the Fronius Solar Battery. Through intelligent energy flow management, the integrated Multi Flow Technology allows both the AC and the DC coupling of storage systems.

The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter which optimises self-consumption and records the household’s load curve. In conjunction with the Fronius Solar.web online portal, the Fronius Smart Meter provides a clear overview of a user’s own power consumption.

Huawei String Inverter

  • Maximum of 2 MPPT for versatile adaptions to different module types or quantities built up with different alignments
  • 4 strings intelligent monitoring and 80% time saving for fault detection
  • RS485 and USB ports for connectivity and data management
  • Local graphic LCD display and remote monitoring
  • Max. efficiency 98.5%, European efficiency 98.0%
  • Easy to install with the weight of 40kg
  • DC disconnect integrated, safe and convenient fo maintenance
  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC

Solax X1 Hybrid

Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

X1-Hybrid Seires is a high-quality inverter which can convert solar energy to AC energy and store energy into battery. The inverter can be used to optimize self consumption, store in the battery for future use or feedin to public grid. Work mode depends on PV energy and user’s preference. It can provide power for emergency use during the grid lost by using the energy from battery and inverter(generated from PV).

System Diagram X1-Hybrid Series is designed with two EPS versions for customer to choose based on the local rules.

E Version applies to the wiring rules that requires the Live line and Neutral line of EPS must be disconnected with the Live line and Neutral line of grid. (applies to most countires)

Sungrow SH5K-20

Residential Hybrid Single Phase Inverter
  • Built-in surge arresters and residual current protection
  • Durable finish with high anti-corrosion enclosure
  • High self-consumption with optimised built-in EMS
  • Energy trading ready with 3rd-party EMS to maximise ROI
  • Free online monitoring to enhance energy management for end user, installer and retailer
  • Remote firmware update and customisable settings
  • Fast and easy commissioning via front panel LCD or App


SPH300 / SPH3600 / SPH4000 / SPH4600 / SPH5000 / SPH6000

With a charge and discharge power of 3KW, the Growatt SPH series is perfect suited to coping with the electricity demand of a private household. As providing the backup power, the household can enjoy an optimum electricity supply even during power outages by adding its accessory (automatic transfer switch). With the Growatt hybrid inverter allowing for both DC- and AC-coupling, the SPH series system is an ideal solution for new installations as well as storage upgrades for existing PV systems.

Hybrid inverter

A hybrid inverter, also referred to as a battery-based inverter or hybrid grid-tied inverter, is the heart of any cost-effective solar installation and battery storage system. We bring these modern-built inverters embedded with smart softwares that efficiently gauge the electricity consumption and are effectively programmed to determine the judicious use of your available solar energy.

Our hybrid inverters are the simplest and most economical way to add battery storage to your home. Year after year, our solar power installers with hybrid inverters have benefited the people of Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide hence giving them the peak power output.

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