Important Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning

Important Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning
July 18, 2022

A solar panel installation is always an intelligent choice. Besides the fact that solar panels can save you the majority of the money on your energy bills, it is also a significant step that you are taking by preserving the environment since solar panels generate their own clean and sustainable energy.

At Aus-Brite Solar, we believe longevity and reliability are the most crucial factors in solar panels. So keep your solar panel system clean and well-maintained to ensure long-term efficiency.

Therefore, here we provide you with accurate details regarding solar panel cleaning. In this article, we will not only discuss the best ways to clean solar panels but also offer advice on a few other essential aspects of solar panels.

Why Do Solar Panels Need Regular Cleaning?

Over time, dirt and debris can compromise the efficiency of solar panels. Power loss rarely exceeds 1 to 4.7 percent in most cases.

However, a study found that long-term dirt accumulation can reduce the panels’ ability to produce electricity by up to 25 percent.

In general, seasonal rains and snowmelt usually wash away dirt and animal droppings that accumulate. On the other hand, if your area receives almost no precipitation and has dusty, windy weather, you may have to clean your panels more often.

Several homeowners clean the panels themselves, while others hire solar cleaning services professionals to do the job. If you live near polluted areas, you may face trouble preventing damage to your solar panels.

It is essential to periodically clean your solar panels to prevent unnecessary energy losses and ensure that your system runs optimally and generates the maximum electricity.

While it may not seem like it, the cost of lost productivity will add up in the long run, preventing a return on your investment.

What Are the Best Ways to Clean Solar Panels?

  1. A water hose connected from ground-level will work great for cleaning the panels.
  2. Using ground level water hose for rinsing rooftop solar cleaning is the safest method.
  3. Using isopropyl alcohol is the best method to clean stubborn stains.
  4. Using the soft brushes and plastic mesh scourer for the dirty surface.

Top Solar Panel Cleaning Tips 

  1. If you plan on cleaning your panels yourself, one thing you should keep in mind is to carefully examine the solar panel cleaning equipment you are using as it plays a significant role. Solar panels are affected by a variety of factors one of them is it’s cleaning equipment. Moreover, you must know how to clean solar panels. Here are some tips for cleaning solar panels:
  2. To ensure your safety, you should clean your panels from the ground. With a long extension pole and a special sponge pad attachment, all you’ll need is a squeegee. Only use smooth, soft, or flexible objects because rough objects will scratch the panels’ glass and reduce their performance.
  3. Simple dish soap and warm water solution will be sufficient to clean your panels most of the time. If the panels have accumulated oily residue, rubbing alcohol diluted in water can clean them. Once after rinsing the panels thoroughly with pure water, ensure that alcohol doesn’t remain on them. As hard water leaves streaks and leaves spots on your panels, make sure to rinse or clean them with incredibly soft water.
  4. Using a liquid cleaner (instead of just brushing) allows the water to evaporate quickly, leaving dust on the panels. Avoid working in direct sunlight since the water can evaporate quickly and leave dust on the panels. It is best to clean at first light or in the evening hours.
  5. Generally, snow does not pose a problem because it naturally slides off angled panels. As an alternative, you can use a squeegee and an extension pole to remove snow from your panels, provided you prefer to maximize your output. As a safety precaution, clean your panels from a secure ground location.
  6. While using a standard garden hose connected to a household tap is fine, using a high-pressure cleaner could damage the panels. It is always convenient to use the standard garden hose connected to the household tap. But using the high-pressure cleaner can end up damaging the panels.
  7. Whenever possible, consult a professional.
  8. Don’t think twice before calling a professional if you doubt anything while cleaning the panels.

What You Can Do Yourself for Solar Cleaning

A quick inspection may reveal dust and debris, but you can take care of this problem yourself. However, the best way to get rid of most dust and debris from the surface of your solar panels is to blow them around with a leaf blower and spray them with a hose from the ground to remove most of the dirt and debris.

Be sure not to spray the back of the panels too much, as they can get damaged if excessive exposure to water occurs.

If you can reach the panels safely from the ground, try using a cloth, sponge, or non-abrasive brush to gently wipe over the panel surface with water, mild soap, and detergent to remove any more stubborn stains. You can then wipe them down with a squeegee to prevent water traces.

When to Bring in an Expert

Similarly to having your car cleaned and your home cleaned, you can hire professionals to clean your solar panels.

To keep your rooftop system clean, you can also hire a professional cleaning company. Besides saving you the inconvenience of having to ascend the roof yourself, professionals are adequately equipped to handle rooftop safety.

It is imperative to check that a professional is licensed and bonded before hiring them. There is no point in spending money on the ones with ground units since you can easily clean them yourself with hose water and liquid soap.

Final Words

Installing rooftop solar panels is a substantial investment that needs regular maintenance. However, as you do not need to spend much time or money maintaining your solar system, there is no reason to ignore it.

If you are looking for the best solar company in QLD that can provide quality solar panel installation and essential support for solar panel cleaning in QLD, count on Aus-Brite. We are a renowned solar company based in Australia that incorporates renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

All solar panels that we install meet Australian Standards, and we only use the best-performing brands of solar panels, inverters, and systems, along with our high-quality service.

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