How Long is the Wait Between Solar Booking and Solar Installation?

How Long is the Wait Between Solar Booking and Solar Installation?
May 20, 2022

Solar panels are an excellent way to collaborate with nature. On the global map, Australia has higher uptake of solar. A study showed that more than 2.68 million rooftop solar systems had been installed in Australia.

However, going solar is not as easy as buying clothes. First, you investigate, compare, and ask various questions, and then you decide to book a panel. If you consider installing rooftop solar panels, the first question is, how long does it take to install a solar panel?

You can’t have a solar panel installed on your roof the minute you book it. There can be a longer period between booking a solar panel and its installation. The time can take between weeks to several months.

In that case, it can be quite frustrating to wait for the installation of your solar panel systems. However, it is said that good things take time. So the results would be worth your wait.

You have to undergo certain steps after you decide to invest in solar panels. Each stage will take its own time, depending on the state of conditions you may face. As a result, the solar installation time can vary from panel to panel.

Read on to know about the process involved in solar panel installation and the period involved in each step:

Finding a Solar Installer

The first concrete step involved in installing a solar panel is choosing a solar installer. You should not rush on this step. If you choose an inexperienced company, you will regret your decision later. Further, it will increase your installation time.

General Site Visit [one to two weeks]

When you narrow down your solar installation choices, you may request a general site visit. A representative will come and evaluate your home energy needs. They look for google maps, check the directions of your roof and the shading on your property to better coordinate where your residential solar panels are placed.

This whole process approximately takes between one to two weeks. However, at this stage, the company and customers agree on a price and start the work.

Pulling Permits [one week to a month]

Before installing solar panels, your solar company, your solar company will need to file a permit with your local government. The permit may vary depending on your location and the kind of solar panel you are installing. This process can anywhere take between one week to a month.

Ordering Your Solar Equipment [one day to several weeks]

As long as your permits are approved, your solar installer will give the green light to order the equipment. Your installation company may already have this equipment in stock, but if not, your project manager will need to work with the company’s shipping department to order the equipment.

If your solar panels and other equipment are coming from overseas, you must wait for several weeks. This can further delay your installation process.

Size and Type of Solar Panel System

Once the permit is approved, and the installation is scheduled, the actual installation is perhaps the quickest part of the process. The Solar Panels installation process takes one to three days by most solar companies. However, it mainly depends on how many solar panels you are installing.

The process to install a ground-mounted solar panel may take more time because it requires additional work. Moreover, if the location of your solar panel system is far from your electric meter, it can take more time.

Property Characteristics and Necessary Upgrades

Every home is unique when it comes to roofing and electrical systems. Moreover, your home may need an upgrade before installing solar panels. These upgrades include; rooftopping, upgrading your electric panel, and checking if your roof can handle the weight of solar panels. Unfortunately, upgrades mean further delays in the installation process.

Utility Interconnections

This is the time when a customer gets anxious. Two things can happen at this stage. Firstly, your solar company submits the documents to the utility company to connect to the grid. This process can usually take one to two weeks.

Then the utility has to install a bi-directional meter to track how much energy you are producing. This period can generally take between two to four weeks. The overall dealing with the utility can take between three to six weeks. The key to handle this time is being patient.

The best way to reduce your booking and installation time is to work with a reputable installer so that you can get your solar panels as early as possible.

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