5 Misconceptions About the Effects of Weather on Solar Panels

5 Misconceptions About the Effects of Weather on Solar Panels
September 28, 2023

Did you know? Every hour enough solar energy hits the Earth that can efficiently cater to the needs of the entire humanity for at least a year. Yes, shocking, but absolutely true. Decades of development and advancements in solar panels are lending a great help in harnessing this abundant amount of solar panels and heading towards a sustainable future.

All it needs is a greater inclination of people from conventional energy resources to renewable solar energy solutions for having a bright future. But as the leading platform for solar installation in Sydney, Australia. we have observed that people avoid opting for this incredible solution due to such misleading information. Concerns like if the solar panels will work in cold weather or if they are even worth purchasing put people in a dilemma.

Thus, it becomes imperative that every absurd misconception like such needs to be debunked if we are working toward building a clean and green environment. With years of expertise, we are dismantling all the misconceptions related to solar panels and guiding you to make the right choice.

Let’s dive into clearing the air full of misconceptions related to the effect of weather on solar panels.

  • Solar Panels Don’t Function Accurately During Cold Weather

This is the biggest fallacy that people often worry about and avoid getting the installation of solar panels. However, a matter of fact is that the opposite is true. By this, we mean that solar panels perform with greater efficiency in cold weather. Now, you must be wondering: How?

Very few know that solar panels generate electricity through sunlight, not heat. Therefore, to say that cold climates have very little to do with the performance of solar panels won’t be absurd.

So, remember, as long as the Sun shines, the solar panels will make your house or commercial place light and bright.

  • Installation in Cloudy Areas is Useless

Having done years of consistent service in installing solar panels, we have often been subjected to this another widespread misconception. People often wonder whether the solar panels work when it’s cloudy or overcast.

However, one must be familiar that clouds and solar panels can seamlessly co-exist. It all depends on the quality of the solar panel you are deciding on to get installed. The top-notch and high-quality solar panels, when installed accurately, can handle varied temperatures effortlessly, be it cold or cloudy weather.

Therefore, whether you live in a cloudy region or a warm area, best solar plans NSW are always a better option than conventional methods.

  • Solar Panels Get Easily Damaged Due to Hail 

Another concern that people have while deciding on whether to have solar panels or not is the fear of it getting damaged during hail storms or bad weather. It is important to know that solar panels only reach your rooftops once they are tested under every circumstance. This includes testing the strength and functionality of solar panels against hail storms as well.

So, if you are under the impression that a hailstorm will crack your solar panels, you are just overthinking. To dispel this hugely prevalent misconception, one must do the necessary research before coming to conclusions.

Solar panels have always proven that they are a worthy choice as long as you choose the right panel.

  • Solar Panels Function Accurately Only in Sunny Weather

Many of us tend to think that solar panels are an investment that goes in vain every winter season. But, what we fail to understand is that one cloudy day cannot hamper the accurate functioning of solar panels.

The present modern-day panels have become more effective than ever. They can function efficiently on sunny and cloudy days.

  • Solar Panels Require a Lot of Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about maintaining the solar panels every month. People believe that the maintenance cost of solar panels puts them at a considerable loss. However, the truth is that modern solar panels are highly reliable, durable, and sturdy, unlike conventional systems.

They are long-lasting and are only installed once they have been tested against every weather atrocity. Also, they have the capability to melt the snow, especially on the rooftop.

So, all you need to do is monitor if the solar panel are functioning correctly and if not, then call the maintenance team of the company that accomplished the installation process. Cleaning solar panels with water is important so that dust particles or debris can be removed. The buildup of dirt can restrict the solar panel to function with the same efficiency, so it’s wise to keep them clean.

Why Choose Aus-Brite Solar?

Years of experience, profound dedication, commitment, and utter professionalism are the four pillars of Aus-Brite Solar that distinguish us from our competitors. Over the years, we have heard such misconceptions, but after fighting all odds, our work speaks volumes about us. So, now that we have debunked all the common misconceptions related to solar energy, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that solar panels are a wise choice.

Our consistent passion for contributing to Australia’s clean and green future helps Aus-Brite Solar bring innovative solar energy solutions. So, if you are planning out on getting the best solar deals Sydney .connect with us right away!

Let go of all these misplaced fears and misconceptions and reach out to Aus-Brite Solar to get your very own source of clean energy.

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