Why Do Most Australians Prefer Aus-Brite as Their Solar Installer?

September 09, 2022

The most important step of your journey as an eco-friendly homeowner is to choose a solar provider that is more productive and experienced. It is a tough decision, and you can say it is a make-or-break moment. In such a situation, go for the solar installer who is most vouched and highly regarded. 

You should go for the best solar company in Australia that provides you with a long-term clientele relationship and have several loyal clients throughout Australia. A company that is a preferred solar panel agency in the entire country. 

Do you want to know why Aus-Brite is preferred by most Australians?

Before buying a solar panel, read this blog you will get answers to the questions that pop into your head.  

Most Convenient Solar System Installation Procedure

Aus-Brite Solar sets itself apart from the competition by providing a simplified and comprehensive installation process. Our services are well-praised for being quick, easy, and affordable. 

You can power up your home with sustainable energy in just a few steps. 

The steps involved in the installation are described below:

– Lodge an Enquiry

Once you lodge an inquiry with us, our experts come to evaluate your house roof potential with the help of advanced aerial imagery technology and your consumption of electricity to draft out a customized quote for you. We have the best solar plans and are committed to delivering the best services.

– System Design & Quote

Upon receiving your house information, we provide you with a custom quote. We suggest a system considering your current consumption and increased consumption over the next few years. We always make sure that the roof area is utilized to its fullest potential. 

– Order Finalization

We have the best solar panel deals to ensure that you proceed with your order finalization. Our team also provides you with multiple options of solar panels and inverters to choose from. Our team is more than happy to help you with anything. In addition, you can choose the payment method according to your convenience.

– Installing

Our back office team works on obtaining the connections from your retailer or the grid company. Thereafter, we assign you one of our CEC-accredited installers to accomplish the installation. We ensure that supreme quality is maintained in all aspects of solar installation.

– Commissioning

After its installation, we hand you the CCEW (compliance and completion of electrical work) and other essential documents. As part of the process, our back office team helps you with your smart meter application and your retailer and registers your warranties with the relevant inverter and solar panel manufacturer.

– Now Start Saving

Once your smart meter is in place, you can save on your electricity. Our team guides you to get the maximum benefits from your system month after month.

We are the Most Dependable Solar Providers

We provide our customers with honest advice and treat them as our own. At Aus-Brite, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who have ample knowledge to share with you. 

You can remain confident at every step of the process, and you won’t have to worry once you collaborate with a trusted solar retailer like Aus-Brite Solar.

Investing in a solar panel is exactly the same as investing in a car or property. It is for this reason that we recommend you choose solar providers with a good reputation in the country. Aus-Brite has maintained its reputation nationwide. 

Also, the advisors and supervisors at Aus-Brite are more than happy to help you. We are just a call away from answering your concerns and queries.

We are the Most Accessible and Affordable Solar Retailers

Aus-Brite always maintains affordable prices so that solar energy is accessible to most households throughout Australia. Our variety of payment methods and options make us a popular choice across the country.

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