How Can a Homeowner Make a ‘Stress-Free’ Move to Solar Panels?

How Can a Homeowner Make a ‘Stress-Free’ Move to Solar Panels?
June 28, 2022

Did you know that every second the sun produces ample energy that can cater to sustain Earth’s needs for 500,000 years? And the best way to harness this abundant energy is by efficiently converting it.

Taking this mission forward, Australia clings to its vision of making the future clean and green by inclining towards using solar energy solutions. Surprisingly, people still hesitate to make the switch from conventional energy to solar energy even after knowing that the solar industry is a highly booming one. 

Several questions related to solar energy storm you and hinder your decision-making process. Helping you get rid of all your doubts and make the stress-free move to solar panels, we have penned down all the factors to keep in mind while purchasing solar panels.

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How to Choose the Right Solar Panel?

Hinge on the Following Factors for Making the Right Choice of Solar Panels:

  • Evaluate the Size of Your Roof

The size of your roof plays a substantial role in determining what solar panel size you should hunt for. A smaller roof means a smaller solar panel system. And those willing to fit large solar panels ought to have large roofs. 

  • Don’t Skip on Checking the Shape 

Yes, another very critical factor to help you in being decisive is the shape of your roof. Checking the shape of your roof means looking for favorably large areas before planning to get the solar panels installed.

Talking about the functioning of solar panels, make sure that you have a way out of connecting them and then transfer the generated power down to the inverter. If all of this seems impossible, then you should start re-thinking your decision to install solar panels.

  • Assess the Shading on Your Roof 

By this we mean, you have to check whether your roof is shaded for the entire day and most probably the entire year. If so is the case, then you should either re-plan the construction of your home or drop the idea of enjoying the lifetime benefits of solar panels. 

Another viable solution that you opt for is getting the high-end solar panels installed. They have the tendency of generating power even in the shade. If you plan on doing so, it is indispensable to choose the right solar panel.

  • Decide on Your Budget

Once you determine that your roof and house can effectively support the solar panels, move on to deciding your budget. Plan your budget after understanding the amount of energy you are using every month. Only then decide how much you want to spend on switching to solar energy. Thereafter, work within your budget and choose the best solar panel accordingly that fits your requirements.

  • Pen Down Your Checklist of Requirements

Before you hunt for that perfect solar panel, it is highly critical to keep a note of all the requirements that you want in it. 

The requirement checklist should cover the following points:

  • The efficiency of solar panel
  • High-quality solar panel
  • Size of solar panel
  • Meeting the quality standards 
  • Flexible design and best performance
  • Return on investment

Once all the above points get a tick, it means you have got a go-ahead for proceeding to verify all the documents of the selected solar panel. While this evaluation, you need to ensure that the solar panel has been tested against every norm and has proper accreditation. Don’t go for any solar panel and end regretting burning your pocket. 

  • Do you Need a Solar Battery?

Another vital factor to consider while buying a solar panel is if you need a solar battery. Though expensive, a solar battery is a right investment for those who make use of power mostly throughout the night. 

The battery allows you to store the power during the day, and you effectively use it at night. But if you use power during the day, then a solar battery is not a thing for you.

  • Choosing the Right Installer

Someone has rightly quoted that “It is better to be safe than to be sorry.” By this, we mean don’t blindly trust any retailer for installing your solar panels. Go for the ones which have proper accreditation and meet all the installation standards. When you hinge on the right installers, you get the guarantee of safety, reliability, and longevity. 

Checking their credentials is a must while selecting your solar installer. 

Why Aus Brite?

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Just a call away, we support you throughout. From buying the best solar panel to installing and offering quality, we always come at your beck and call. If you get stuck regarding the solar panel purchasing process and its installation process, feel free to connect with us.

Join the league of making a sustainable future by switching to clean and renewable solar energy.

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