Quality Solar Panels: The Best Type and Brands

Quality Solar Panels: The Best Type and Brands
December 25, 2023

We know that it needs a big investment to go solar. And since every solar panel is different, it is essential to check the pros and cons, the plus and minus aspects of the available Solar Panels in Australia. The individual needs and preferences play a vital role in the selection of solar panels. Which is the best type and brand? Well, as mentioned here, factors such as cost, durability, efficiency, and warranty are some characteristics that should be checked to arrive at the decision.

Solar panel installation is a technical task. Hence, you will have to work with some installation company that offers services for Solar Panels in NSW.

The efficiency of solar panels is their ability to convert sunlight into electrical energy. It is called Cell Efficiency because solar panels are made from small units called cells. And it also depends on the technology used by the solar panel. Each technology brings some merits and some demerits.

Best solar panels in Australia

Many Australian companies are making some of the best residential solar panels. Looking at the high sun exposure in most of the country, installing solar panels would be an excellent choice. Here are some of the best solar panels in Australia that one can invest in without giving a second thought.

JA Solar

It is a Chinese brand established in 2005. The company has shipped a large number of installations worldwide since its inception. Its product Deep Blue 3.0 generates over 500W of solar energy. It is a high-efficiency, customer-oriented product (21.3%).

Jinko Solar

It is also a Chinese brand established in the year 2006, which has shipped various installations worldwide. Its famous product Tiger Pro 415W, offers an efficiency of 21.4%. Its special ribbon technology and multi-busbar technology bring excellent efficiency.


This South Korean company has an international footprint. It is known for its quality panels that use quantum-based technology and bring higher solar efficiency, both mono-/polycrystalline solar panels. The efficiency of these panels is 20 to 21 percent.

The solar panels use their proprietary cutting-edge Quantum technology. Therefore, they can withstand all weather conditions.

Canadian Solar

It is also present in over 150 countries worldwide. Its solar modules bring a capacity of up to 665 W and their efficiency is 21 to 22 percent. The special dual-cell technology makes them better with low hotspot temperatures.

These are some well-known brands in Australia. You need to do a thorough research before arriving at a decision.

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