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Save your bills with our, Powerful, durable, and Efficient Solar panels and produce your own clean energy. Aus-Brite Solar provides smart energy solutions for your home and businesses. Join us and be a part of the global change.

Ausbrite is the most trusted and reliable solar panels company in Brisbane. Our solar panels are reasonably affordable and highly productive. We guarantee that their sleek and durable design will give the maximum solar production.

One of the Best Solar Companies in Brisbane

Our company strives to build innovative and productive solar panels to promote the development of generating clean energy. We diligently work to provide you with the best energy solutions.

We work with CEC-certified solar system installers in Brisbane to provide you with the best customer service experience. Ensure your future with our solar panels and transform with Ausbrite.

Australian Government Initiates Solar Rebates in Brisbane

The government of Brisbane initiated this program to encourage solar panel installation in residential homes. Under this program, all the house owners or tenants will get a one-off rebate payment of about $2000 to install solar panels on their property by a licensed solar panel installer. To claim this rebate, house owners or tenants have to prove the rebate state that they live in that house and also check if they meet the following requirements:

  • The house roof should allow enough space for the installation of solar panels
  • The house should be located on a residential or a rural property
  • The house should be connected to the Grid Electricity Supply

The Australian government will pay for your solar panel installation for house or business.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work on photovoltaic systems (PV) that convert sunlight into an electric charge which is required to generate electricity. The inverter converts this electric charge into an alternating current, which then powers your house. Solar panels are flexible, and users can store their energy for future use also. 

Why should we use Solar Energy?

Our non-renewable resources are depleting, and at this rate, we could completely exhaust them for the upcoming future generations. By innovating and advancing with the use of renewable resources, we could help sustain our future. 

Switching to solar panels not only helps to achieve that goal but also reduces carbon footprints, which is one of the most prominent causes of abnormal climatic change.

Aprrox Solar power energy yields in Brisbane

Solar system size (kilowatts)Avg daily system output (kilowatt-hours)Anunual output (kilowatt-hours)
1.4 kw5.4 kwh1,955 kwh
2.1 kw7.3 kwh2,675 kwh
2.9 kw10.8 kwh3,980 kwh
3.9 kw14.3 kwh5,275 kwh
4.9 kw18.1 kwh6,650 kwh
6.8 kw24.3 kwh8,965 kwh
9.8 kw36.2 kwh13,260 kwh

Explore the Variety Ausbrite Offers

Our solar panel’s graded qualities speak for themselves. Solar panels cost in Brisbane is affordable and highly efficient; you can check our catalogue for all the product details. Here are some of the best sellers, Ausbrite offers:

  • Long Solar
  • Jinko Solar
  • SunTech Solar
  • LG Solar
  • Q.ANTUM Solar
  • REC Solar

Our goal is to move ahead with net-zero emissions and produce clean energy. We are committed to our sustainable future. Leave all the technical work to our skilled workers and join us on our journey and be a part of global change.

Advantages of Using an Ausbrite Solar Panel

Sunlight is the most effective inexhaustible source of energy, and we can easily make up for our growing energy needs if we use this source of energy efficiently. Solar panels are the best cheap and affordable way to utilise solar energy. Below mentioned are some of its major benefits:

  • Pocket-Friendly: Save on your electricity bills because solar panels not only generate electricity for your use but can also send it back to the power grid and earns you a credit.
  • Greater ROI: Ensure your future and increase your property value with our solar panels. 
  • Huge Rebates: If you are eligible for the Australian Solar Power scheme, we can assist you to get your rebates swiftly.
  • Increased valuation of the home or business property: Having customised solar panels in your house boosts the valuation of your property because house buyers in Brisbane prefer a solar panel-installed place.

Solar systems returns in NSW – Updated April 2023

Solar Panel SizeAverage CostAverage Daily Energy UsageSelf Consumption RateAnnual SavingsPayback Period
4.9 kw$4,58014.1 kwh80%$8902.8 Years
6.5 kw$5,06021.2 kwh80%$1,1753.1 Years
9.8 kw$9,11032.3 kwh80%$17802.9 Years
9.7 kw$13,67046.4 kwh80%$26753.2 Years

Know it all Before you Install our Solar Panels

Are electricity bills giving you a headache? Medicine is not your right choice; Ausbrite is. Contact us today and consult our experts; they will help you analyse all your requirements and devise a perfect plan with our best-quality solar panels. They will discuss each and every detail so that they can deliver the perfect strategy to help you upgrade.

How Long Does the Installation Process go on?

Generally, the installation process depends upon the type of solar panel we are working on and where the solar panel is being installed on your roof. After checking in all your energy requirements and rooftop conditions with our customised plan, we complete our work as fast as possible.

Don’t worry about the installation time; our solar panel installers work quickly and efficiently without causing you many problems.

After meeting all your requirements, we quickly work up on the needed permits and install your solar panels. Our customised solar plan will ensure the best possible results in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Consult and Take the Right Step Today!

Walk into our office in Brisbane or contact us via phone call and consult our experts. Put your best foot forward with Ausbrite. We are the best Solar system providers in Brisbane. Our service is worth all your time and money.

LR4-60HPH 350 - 380M

Higher Efficiency Low LID PERC with Half-cut Technology
  • Ensure power tolerance (O ~ +SW)
  • High module conversion output (up to 20.9%)
  • Slower power degradation simplified by Low LID Mono PERC tech: 1st year <2%, 0.55% year 2-25
  • Condensed hot spot risk with higher quality electrical design and low operating current
  • Reduce resistive loss with lower operating current
  • High energy yield with lower operating temperature
  • Solid PID resistance facilitated by solar cell process optimisation and careful module BOM selection

Cheetah Plus HC 66MB 350-370 Watt

Mono Perc Half Cell Module
  • 5 Busbar Solar Cell
    It accepts new technology to augment the competence of modules, offers a enhanced aesthetic appearance, making it perfect for rooftop installation.
  • High Efficiency
    Higher range of module conversion efficiency (up to 20.15%) is beneficial for half-cell structure (low resistance factors).
  • PID Resistance
    Topmost Anti-PID performance makes sure limited power degradation for huge production.
  • Lower-light Performance
    Modern-day glass and cell surface textured design makes sure intense performance even in lower-light environment.

350-370 Watt - STPXXXS - B60/Wnhb

  • Higher module conversion effectiveness
    Module competence up to 20.3 % is achieved through advanced cell technology and modern manufacturing procedures.
  • Suntech present sorting process
    Up to 2 % power loss activated by present-day mismatch could be condensed by present sorting technique to capitalise on system power outputs.
  • Efficient weak light performance
    Best power output is offered even in weak light scenario, like cloudy, morning and sunset.
  • Lower-light Performance
    Modern-day glass and cell surface textured design makes sure optimum performance in lower-light environment.

Hyundai Solar Module

HiE-S385VG, HiE-S390VG, HiE-S395VG, HiE-S400VG

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group is one of the most consistent companies in the heavy industries domain. As a international leader and innovator, the company is devoted to developing a future growth engine by structuring and investing in the field of renewable energy.

  • M6 PERC Shingled
  • Anti-LID / PID
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Reliable Warranty
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • UL / VDE Test Labs

LG NeON 2 BiFacial


LG Electronics boarded on a solar energy research programme in the year 1985, using experience in semi-conductors, chemistry and electronics. LG NeON® range won the Intersolar Award in Germany. LG Solar has even been voted WINNER Trusted Brands 2020 - SOLAR PANELS by Reader’s Digest in Australia. The NeON 2 Bifacial displays an state-of-the-art development of the LG NeON® product range and this model won the 2016 Intersolar Award in Germany, which exhibits LG Solar’s lead in invention and higher assurance in the field of renewable energy. With 200+ lesser-known brand panels selling in Australia, LG solar panels offers highly secure and innovative solutions.

Highly optimised installation with Wave-HD tech

  • Higher output via tilt frames
  • 25 Years of Product-based Warranty
  • Best Power per Square Metre
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty

Rec N-Peak Series

Premium Mono N-Type Solar Panels With Superior Performance Levels

REC is a well-known company in solar energy industry. Through seamless manufacturing from silicon to wafers, cells, panels and ranging to solar solutions, REC provides a steady source of clean energy. REC’s product quality is supported by the low warranty claims rate in the marketplace. REC has headquarters in Norway and Singapore. REC employs more than 2,000 employees globally, producing 1.5 GW of solar panels on annual basis.

  • MONO N-TYPE: The most resourceful C-SI Technology
  • Super-Strong FRAME UP TO 7000 PA Snow Load
  • Supple Installation Choices
  • Assured High Power Over Lifetime
  • No Light Tempted Degradation
  • Improved Performances in Shaded Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What would be the right solar panel orientation in Brisbane?

It is best to orient your panels to the north, but our solar panels would work perfectly well in any orientation and generate the maximum output.

Solar panels use renewable sources to produce electricity but are they environmentally friendly?

It is a clean source of energy and thus does not produce any harmful gases and helps in reducing carbon footprints.

Can I extend the warranty on my solar panels?

Our company offers 25 years of warranty, however with good maintenance and care it can work perfectly fine even after 25 years.

I have a flat roof. Do you offer adjustable solar panels for different rooftops?

Yes, Ausbrite offers different mounting systems to suit your rooftops. We can easily adjust our solar panel on your roof by tilting the mounting system so that it can easily be installed on a flat roof as well.

Can I go on-grid with Ausbrite solar panels?

Yes, you easily go on and off-grid with our solar panels and draw electricity from the grid when it does not produce enough and send it back when it produces too much.

What is the Feed-in-Tariff rate in Brisbane?

Feed-in-Tariff in Brisbane 9.3 cents per kilowatt per hour

What is the payback period for Ausbrite solar panels in Brisbane?

Our company offers 4-5 years of payback guarantee due to the falling rates of solar panels and rising electricity rates in Brisbane.

Which company in Brisbane offers the best feed-in-tariff rates?

Our company offers the best feed-in-tariff rated to its customers.

How does feed-in-tariff function in Brisbane?

Whenever the solar panels fail to produce enough electricity to power the whole house, a feed-in-tariff is credited to the customer and paid as a credit on electricity bills.

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