Solar Powered Inventions that Will Change the World

Solar Powered Inventions that Will Change the World
August 03, 2022

When most people hear the word “solar power,” they instantly think of rooftop solar panel systems. And with good reason: rooftop solar panels are dominating the solar market to date.

However, there are several solar-powered innovations that are already taking the solar industry by storm. Such groundbreaking technologies will likely change the way we think about energy production.

The future of solar energy looks promising with the advent of amazing innovations including,  portable solar panels solar trees to solar laptops.

Read on to know about solar-powered inventions that are shaping our present and future:

Solar-powered Water Purifiers:

Solar-powered water purifiers are gaining importance in today’s energy-powered world.

The best thing about these water purifiers is that they provide adequate water cleansing technology. This kind of technology is beneficial for the areas where water is highly polluted.

The researchers showed that this technology could efficiently remove chemicals and oils from the water. With these purifiers, you can get 1.5 liters of pure water from 3 liters of polluted water every day.

In addition, these purifiers purify water faster than the existing technologies. The technology is particularly useful in areas with a shortage of water. Moreover, in the future too, these purifiers will have a good scope of benefitting the world.

Solar-powered Trees:

Innovations such as solar trees are taking hold in the solar industry.

Solar trees or solar panel trees are much more solar than they are trees. They are solar panel systems mounted atop a long pole. Though they are designed for decorative purposes, these trees bring renewable energy to your home or business. 

These solar energy trees can generate 10 to 15 percent more electricity than the solar plants affixed to the ground. Moreover, the battery backup system can also be charged with these trees. This provides an excellent backup in case of power cuts.

The popularity of these solar trees is growing, especially in areas with higher power shortages. Moreover, solar energy experts are of the view that this energy innovation will see an upward shift in the future.

Solar Air Conditioners:

Solar air conditioners are a cutting-edge innovation in the field of solar energy. In recent years their demand has accentuated due to increasing power cuts and rising environmental concerns.

The harmful effects of conventional AC systems [ due to the high emission of CO2] and the high primary energy consumption are encouraging us to invest in clean energy sources.

These air conditioners are designed to work with solar power with no need to connect to electricity. The energy generated by your solar panel systems is used to power the solar air conditioning unit. 

Moreover, solar air conditioners can also be connected with solar batteries, allowing extra energy generated by solar panels to be used at night.

Solar-powered Battery Chargers:

Solar-powered battery chargers are gaining importance because of the benefits they offer.

Practically, any modern device [ phone, laptop, MP3 players, iPod, digital cameras] can be charged with these battery chargers. Solar-powered battery chargers generate electricity using solar panel systems

You can use these chargers multiple times. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for the extra power. Moreover, solar battery chargers are portable as you can take them anywhere. You can use them anytime, anywhere to charge your devices.

Solar Laptops:

Over the years, solar laptops are emerging as a reliable and efficient way to save electricity costs. In addition, this solar-powered invention is gaining popularity among today’s people due to the fact that it uses clean solar energy.

Solar-powered laptops use built-in photovoltaic solar panels to run and recharge its battery. As these computers harness the power of the sun, it helps in reducing your electricity bills. Moreover, these laptops generally charge in less than two hours and can function smoothly for eight to ten hours.

These laptops are a wonderful invention, especially for people whose whole work relies on computers. Moreover, solar-powered computers are becoming more popular in areas with high power cuts as you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply.

Portable Solar Panels:

The concept of portable solar panel systems encourages you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy even outside of your homes or businesses. 

These are small-sized solar panel systems that are easy to install and can be carried anywhere. You can easily move them from your primary home and can use their power. Generally, these solar panel systems are used for backup power generation. 

These panels produce 100 watts of power. Additionally, these panels can quickly charge your smartphones, laptops, music players, or other devices.

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