Things to Consider for Upgrading Your Solar Panel System

Things to Consider for Upgrading Your Solar Panel System
May 20, 2022

The home solar system has existed for quite some time, consistently supplying fresh, renewable energy to homes all over the country. If you are an early adopter, you are probably getting close to the end of your system’s lifespan.

As solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 years or more, maximizing your return by investing in these upgrades makes sense. 

No matter what the reason for your system’s deterioration may be, we have come up with a list of things you need to consider while upgrading the solar panel system. 

What is a Solar Panel? 

The solar panel is defined as one of those devices that allows you to convert sunlight into electric power or heat. It comprises solar (or photovoltaic) cells, utilizing the photovoltaic effect to generate electricity. 

Top Things to Keep in Mind While Upgrading Your Solar Panel System

It is becoming more affordable to installing rooftop solar panels, so the cost per additional kW might be a pleasant surprise compared with what you paid in the past. Solar systems with a larger capacity are thought to result in lower expenses, but this is not usually the case.

The tips listed here are critical to achieving the goal. Following them will facilitate the upgrade of solar panels.

  • Try out the Solar Monitoring App

A solar retailer tracks the power you consume and generate using the software. Carefully read your utility invoices to spot changes in your monthly expenses. If something goes wrong with your system, checking out your inverters is the best way to discover why. Updating your solar system will make your calculations more accurate.

  • Write Down All Your Requirements in a Proper List

First of all, decide how many solar panels you need. You need to address this first since it influences your solar panel maintenance costs. 

Considering that your solar panels are only 80% efficient and only absorb sunlight hours, you should not take them too seriously. Solar panels with a 600-watt capacity would be more adaptable to power a large machine.

  • Ensure You’re Replacing or Upgrading Your Inverter

If you add capacity to your system, you may need to replace your inverter. Installers sizing central inverters are based on your panels’ electricity output. Microinverters make add-on solar panel projects easier than power optimizers or string inverters. Incorporating new, more convenient models into obsolete models. A mini inverter is better than a standard inverter when changing the architecture of your roof. When you have a 5kw inverter, you can add more panels without changing the inverter to meet the 6kw demand.

  • Keep Your Feed-In Tariffs Instead of Losing Them

Your current solar feed-in tariffs NSW may disappear if you upgrade your solar panels. There is also the possibility of adding additional panels and maintaining the current system tariff, but the additional solar panel installation cost would be higher.

  • The Size and Cost of Solar Systems are Limited

You may be able to connect to a specific capacity system where the notional maximum system size is obligatory (and may change if you get a Fit); in other areas, it’s totally at your discretion what capacity system you can use. 

You may also be charged a ‘network analysis fee’ by power grid companies, which investigates the effect of your system on the network voltage and distortion.

  • Use Only Compatible Hardware and Don’t Exceed Your File Size Limit

Solar panels should be equally powerful when adding new panels in parallel or series to an existing system. Also, the existing inverter must be able to handle the additional energy. 

Combined with the existing panels and inverters, you can install a new combination if they are in good condition, still covered by warranty, or still under warranty. This solution offers a lot of flexibility since each panel has its inverter. 

This enables the panels to be oriented in any direction and improves performance compared to string inverters in shadowy situations.

  • Consider Adding New Panels

If you have a rooftop system with limited space, adding ground mount panels may be more accessible. However, you should not give up if you run out of roof space. This case lends itself to installing additional solar panels on your property.

  • Don’t Fall for Too Appealing Marketing and Sales Offers

Sales professionals use psychological marketing to lure you into bargains that are too good to be true. Fraudulent salespeople, for instance, describe your solar system as a way to wipe off your electricity bills. 

Free solar installations are never 100% free, and there is always a catch. When it comes to solar services, you can be on a budget and have the best installation by contacting trusted solar experts like Aus-Bribe Solar, the best solar power installer in Sydney.


There we are with the top things to consider while upgrading the solar panel system, so make a choice wisely and also keep in mind solar panel cost. 

If you seek a trustworthy and best solar company in Sydney, Australia, Aus-Brite Solar got your back.  

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